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    9 wonderful and blessed years!

    Founded the day after the Joomla project got started, Joomlashack has been your favorite source for templates for almost a decade. 

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  2. Web-Design Social Media Update

    Social media is a pervasive part of today’s culture, whether you’re looking at it from a user standpoint or a marketing standpoint. The social web has the largest amount of traffic, endless user engagement and is the place to be to maintain any sort of web presence. Sharing buttons and integrated features are a commonly touted tool for Joomla templates, but with new social medias popping up practically every day, it’s important to figure out a good sharing balance, where to position your sharing buttons, and how many buttons are too many.

    Which Sites to Share?

    The first order of business is figuring out which social media sites are most appropriate for your website. You want to go with the high-traffic social media sites to start, such as Facebook, Google+, Reddit and Pinterest. Expanding further depends on your audience and your niche. Niche social media sites give you targeted traffic of those who are more likely to be interested in the topics you’re talking about, at the expense of having lower traffic volume. Take a look at where your target demographic likes to spend their time before deciding on other social media sites.

  3. How to choose the best Joomla Template for your project

    Invest your time better when desiging a site

    You already know that Joomla is a versatile platform with a theming system that provides great features and flexibility. As a Web developer working on your own projects or a client site, you also already know that it’s a great idea and the best use of your time to invest in purchasing a professional template to build upon. When you do this, you don’t have to focus on laying out the groundwork for your web-design project, because the template will take care of that. Instead, you can spend your time on the small details, the customization, the incorporated features, and the site design.

    The Joomla theme market is huge, so it’s important to go into the process with a list of features, requirements, and theme characteristics that will work best for your needs, skill level, and the particular project.

  4. unLIMITED - A clean and minimalist template

    unLIMITED - A clean and minimalist template

    Reach new limits with unLIMITEDa responsive Joomla Template. It's stark design lends itself almost for any kind of industry. It's high contrast visuals together with the purposeful typography communicate clearly and intuitively. 

    8 Color Options & 15 module positions

    unLIMITED comes with 8 color themes in light and vivid tones. unLIMITED's flexibility will let your web developer choose from 15 different module positions that will let him bring to life all of his ideas.


    Easy Setup: a Quicklauncher with ALL the Demo Content + A Slider

    With Joomlashack's Quicklauncher, you can download and install unLIMITED as a Joomla installation with the template and content pre-configured as it looks and works on our demo*.

  5. Techie - A Refined and Trendy Responsive Template

    Our new Trendy & Responsive Joomla Template

    Using the top trends for this summer 2014 for inspiration, Techie has a simplistic and minimalist view without loosing the full complexity your site may need. Its the template you have been waiting your next app, component, software or any other technology. It makes for a great event and corporate site too.