Reserva Featureset

4 Template Themes

Reserva comes with four built in template themes targeted towards specific industries. Choose from Hotel / Hospitality, Bands / Performances, Salons / Resorts, and Cafes / Restaurant. To view examples of the different themes simply click the thumbnails below.

tmb theme1 tmb theme2 tmb theme3 tmb theme4

16 Module Positions

modulesThe Reserva template comes with 12 Module Positions. Easily assign the modules you want published to any page in any module position on your site (including Resmania's modules for instant calendar view so your visitors can reserve your products or services).

4 Custom Module Styles

color wheelThe Reserva template comes with four unique modules styles per template theme. Easily create call-outs and points of interest on your site by simply adding a custom module class to your module parameters.

960 Grid Layout

gridReserva is set to the 960 grid layout--which is fast-becoming the industry standard for modern website design & layout. Reserva harnesses the power of the 960 Grid Layout by providing you with options to adjust your site's column widths and layout on the fly.

Progressive Enhancements

addReserva features full CSS3 progressive enhancements. Rounded corners and html text drop shadows without the need for background images (which creates slow load times) are now possible through the magic of CSS3. And Reserva's CSS3 styles provide graceful degradation for non-progressive browsers, too. What that means is, in a nutshell, if you're using an older browser that does not support CSS3 (IE6, 7 etc), you won't have to worry because Reserva will still look great!

Custom Template Params

paramsReserva comes with exciting new custom template parameters that help you make your Reserva template unique. You can easily change the look & feel of your Reserva template with just a few clicks. Change your layout, theme, logo, color & font choices and more!